Knee Replacement: Outcome was much better than I had expected!


Thomas Santora, somers Point, NJ
Quad-Sparing Knee Replacement
Physician: Stephen J. Zabinski, MD

Thomas Santora 2
“Physical Therapy was instrumental in my recovery,
Doug and his staff worked with me to recover quicker.”

Traditional Knee Replacement vs. Quad Sparing Knee Replacement:
Excruciating knee pain brought Thomas back to Dr. Zabinski at Shore Orthopaedic University Associates the same as it had three and a half years prior for his other knee. He was dreading it, but had heard good things about the quad sparing technique and decided to have it done.

Two weeks later Thomas had a follow up appointment, he said “After my appointment I walked home about 1 ¼ mile, with no pain.” “Three weeks after surgery I was cutting my lawn.” Continue reading

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement vs. Traditional Hip Replacement. ” I was amazed at the fast recovery!


Larry Mintz, Esq.
Hip Replacement

Physician: Stephen J. Zabinski, MD
Larry Mintz

“I was amazed at the fast recovery compared to my traditional hip replacement.”

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement vs. Traditional Hip Replacement
Larry Mintz had a Traditional Hip Replacement about ten years ago on his left side.  In October of 2012 he underwent another surgery, Direct Anterior Hip Replacement on his right side.

Larry has always been very active enjoying many activities such as golf, skiing, going to the gym and ballroom dancing with his wife Robin. When it started to become hard to enjoy these activities, even difficult to get into the car, he quickly realized he needed to do something about it. This time he chose to have Direct Anterior Hip Replacement, compared to the traditional hip replacement he had the first time, and the difference was remarkable.
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