Are You or Someone You Know Suffering from Joint Pain? part 2

Cape May Herald

Health and Wellness | 06/08/2015

H Barrett

Thomas A. Barrett, M.D.

Shore Orthopaedic University Associates
9 Stites Ave, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

(Part 2 of 2)
Options for treating arthritic knee pain begin with a diagnosis and a conversation about what particular problems any one person is experiencing. Non-operative management can be successful and is always part of a plan of treatment.

There may come a time when conservative treatment is no longer helping and the conversation changes to other options.

Knee replacement surgery is a part of a treatment plan. The timing of when it is appropriate has a number of components.

1.Any person undergoing a knee replacement needs to need it. (Seems logical enough….but this includes excluding other potential causes of pain and a conservative trial)
2.Any person having an elective surgery has to be healthy enough to undergo the procedure. (This reassurance is obtained by having a primary care provider/ specialist assist in a pre-op evaluation)
3.Any person having their knee reconstructed has to actively participate in their own recovery.

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The Case for Partial Knee Replacement

By: George C. Alber, MD

The knee is composed of three separate compartments. Osteoarthritis often develops in only one compartment of the knee, while the other two compartments remain relatively healthy. Patients who have osteoarthritis in only one compartment, the inner side, may be candidates for partial knee replacement.

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