Dr. Alber, I thank you, my family thanks you, and know I will be forever grateful!

Hello, my name is Stephen Barbuto.

Back in 2008 I was in a bad motorcycle accident. I had broken both bones in my lower left leg as well as many bones in my foot. I was helicoptered to AtlantiCare which is where I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Alber.

He performed multiple surgeries on my leg which in the beginning other doctors told me I might not be able to walk again. Dr. Alber knew from the beginning that he would be able to do something about it. I can cry when I think back of going to his office for checkups because of the genuine care he showed to me and my family. It was a devastating time in my life and but I can say wholeheartedly that Dr. Alber went above and beyond to help me get better not only physically but also mentally. My accident was exactly 10 years ago. Dr. Alber and I lost touch about a year after my surgery. I got to a point where my leg was fully healed and I was no longer on any pain medications. If you know Dr. Alber then you know that he will not give you any prescriptions for pain that is not needed. He always would say your leg is doing great and reassured me that I was no longer going to take pain killers. To make a long story short 2 years after the accident I started taking pain killers again and got heavily addicted. This went on for 2 years and I eventually went down to south Florida for treatment. I’m currently still living in Florida and I work with treatment centers to help people who deal with drug addiction.

I visit a chiropractor once a week and I brought up the story of Dr. Alber. He was amazed at everything I had to say about him. He then suggested that I reach out and thank him for everything he has done.

I found the testimonials section on his website and it was on my heart to write about this. Weather anyone gets the chance to read this or not doesn’t matter to me. My only goal was to express all my gratitude toward Dr. Alber. I’m a little over 5 years sober now and looking back I can honestly say that Dr. Alber is so genuine and an absolute perfectionist at what he does. He knew I was the type that was easily addicted and stopped it the minute he knew. Most doctors wouldn’t do that and being in the treatment field I absolutely admire it.

Dr. Alber, I thank you, my family thanks you, and know I will be forever grateful.

I’m a retired O.R. R.N. and I chose Dr. Zabinski for Total Hip Replacement!

Ellen Deegan, Somers Point, NJ

FREE Community Lecture “Learn How New Technologies Allow You To Go Home The Same Day Your Hip or Knee Is Replaced”

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Same Day Hip and Knee Replacement

“Learn How New Technologies Allow You To Go Home The Same Day Your Hip or Knee Is Replaced”

presented by:
Stephen J. Zabinski, MD
Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Zabinski specializes in Total Joint Replacement and Sports Injuries, including arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder and knee.

Dr. Zabinski is Director of the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery at Shore Medical Center, President and Director of Joint Replacement Services at Jersey Shore Ambulatory Surgical Center and the President of Shore Orthopaedic University Associates.


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Dr. Lai wants the best for you!

I cant say enough about my doctor. I went into this surgery decision scared to death and Dr. Lai was the best!
He calmed me down talked to me until I felt comfortable helped me through every step of the way. You are not just a number with him he refuses to settle he wants the best for you. I am only 2 weeks into my recovery and I feel great, totally different from my first surgery.
I look forward to my recovery and it will take a bit of time but with Dr. Lai by your side it makes things a lot easier .  You are very lucky if you have the opportunity to have him as your doctor.
– Leigh Giacobbe
Buena Vista Township, NJ 

Dr Alber is excellent!

Steve Zollo, Ocean City, NJ

Jul 12, 2017