My family and I will be FOREVER grateful to Dr. Islinger and SHORE ORTHO!


Dr. Islinger made me feel like a CHAMP again!  But, The true champion here is Dr. Islinger.

My story begins with trauma 18 months ago when I was struck by an SUV while riding my triathlon bike, resulting with multiple injuries and a long road to recovery. I spent Six days in the A. C. Trauma hospital and had Surgery on my right leg/knee by the on-call trauma surgeon. It was very clear to me that I needed to fire the doctor who performed my surgery and the non-caring Rothman Institute as soon as possible. My family and I will be FOREVER grateful to Dr. Islinger and SHORE ORTHO who took superior care of me.

With every monthly visit, I would be visibly upset and concerned. Doc would spend large amounts of time with me, listen to my frustrations and ALWAYS encourage me to keep moving forward. He kept reminding me: Recovery Takes Time. Doc displays empathy for his patients and explains what is happening when questions are asked. For me, Dr. Islinger helped me physically, emotionally and mentally reach a personal goal of mine. That goal was to run the Boston Marathon one year from my accident. Dr. Islinger cleared me to run 6 months & 8 days after my accident. He put my physical and emotional interests first, encouraged my training and took interest in my progress. I ran the 2017 121st Boston Marathon! With a time of 4:18. This also is the date I was sent to the hospital – April 18, 2016. Dr. Islinger has be caring for me for the last 13 months and I wouldn’t have accomplished wellness in my life and my recovery without him. In conclusion: On October 6, 2017 – Nine days ago, Dr. Islinger REMOVED the metal plate and five painful screws from my leg. Tomorrow I will have my 17 staples, (almost wished it was 18) removed and my recovery continues. Dr. Islinger brought me back to Living and Loving Life again. My admiration and appreciation for him is Immeasurable! Sincerely from the bottom of my heart and my family…thank you. If you see me running on the boardwalk, it will be with a BIG smile!!

You’re #1 Doc!
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

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