Dr. Zabinski, Thank you for fixing my knee and for your encouragement and support!

Dear Dr. Zabinski,patientstories_000
This2untitled-picture is Joanna DeSantis, the PT from Nova Care. In December’15 you did a meniscectomy on my R knee. This thank you is long overdue, however I wanted to write, to not only thank you for fixing me, but to thank you for 2 conversations we had, that had a significant impact on my racing success! If you recall I was signed up to do the Ironman 70.3 in
Atlantic City on 9/18/16 (my 1st at this distance) and that torn meniscus did not fit into my training plan!

As I write this and reflect on the race day, I can’t help but think that this journey started in an OR in December. However, it also made me recall those post op conversations we had, although tough for me to hear, had a significant impact on my racing success this season and for these I am grateful to you for:

1) Nutrition, Racing as an Athena, and the Weight Watchers app—When we first met I was
25 pounds heavier than I am today! When you showed me the weight watchers app on your phone, I thought what is this guy doing with that, but it stuck with me. I knew this was a way for me to be accountable and down deep that there was no way I was going to race as an Athena—EVER!! So I knew I needed to buckle down and I found WW helped me with that. I set a race day weight goal and nailed it! I raced at my goal weight at IMAC, far under an Athena! 🙂

2) Hoka One One and Training runs for a 70.3—when you told me about these Hoka’s I balked, besides looking completely geriatric and having visions of tripping and falling because they were so high, I wanted to keep an open mind and I tried them. I settled into Clifton 2’s and I never thought I would say this but I can’t imagine running without them. I had no knee pain or any other pain running during any of my training! You told me that due to my multiple knee issues
(OA, 3 meniscus surgeries) that I should never do a training run over 10 miles. I listened and my longest runs were 10, maybe 3-4 times before race day! You were right on race day it was not a problem finishing out the last 3 miles. I can’t imagine ever running without my Hoka’s!

I set my goal for the 70.3 at 7 hours, I finished in 6:26 and 3 weeks later am still in awe of this accomplishment. Although you have probably long forgotten about me, I consider you in having a small part in that success!

Many thanks again,
Joanna DeSantis

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