Press Release: Charles N. Krome, DO

Shore Orthopaedic University Associates Announces New Physician


dr. krome (2)

Charles N. Krome, DO Sports Medicine

Somers Point, NJ
Shore Orthopaedic University Associates is pleased to announce that Charles N. Krome, DO., Fellowship-Trained Sports Medicine Physician will join the group effective September 6, 2016. Dr. Krome specializes in regenerative orthopedic medicine, including stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma injections.

In his new role, Dr. Krome will be providing expert care to patients through non-surgical treatments for osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal problems of the shoulder, back, hip, knee, elbow, hand, and foot.  Dr. Krome will be available to see patients at all Shore Orthopaedic University Associates locations.

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Shoulder Pain Keeping You Up at Night?


Gene J. DeMorat, MD

The shoulder joint is capable of tremendous mobility to assist in the essential activities of everyday life. It relies upon a group of muscles, known as the rotator cuff, to ensure its function for overhead and lifting activities.

Unfortunately, the rotator cuff is commonly associated with injury. Such injuries may occur from a simple fall onto the shoulder or even from the accumulation of simple lifting events over our lifetime.

The most common symptoms are pain, weakness, and motion loss. Symptoms may develop suddenly or in a gradual onset. Symptoms that persist beyond a two week period, without signs of relief, should be evaluated by an orthopaedic surgeon.

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