“Thank you Dr. Dalzell for putting me back together again!”

patientstories_000Anna Marie Person, Ooltewah, TN
Ankle Fracture

Physician: Frederick G. Dalzell, MD


In the summer of 2014, Anna-Marie from Tennessee was vacationing at the Jersey Shore and had what she calls a “Rope Swinging Vacation Mishap”. While grabbing a swinging rope she didn’t grab the rope high enough and her foot came down and hit the embankment, fracturing her ankle in several places. She ended up in the emergency room and eventually with Dr. Frederick Dalzell. Her one-week vacation ended up turning into three months.

Being over fifty years old, Anna-Marie was concerned how long her ankle would take to heal. During her recovery, Anna-Marie carefully followed all instructions from Dr. Dalzell. After diligently doing her part, she has regained full range of motion and strength and is now pain free. Anna-Marie attributes her full recovery to the expertise of Dr. Dalzell.

“This summer has been great! I’m back doing everything I did before my major ankle fix. I just finished running my FIRST RACE AFTER SURGERY (yay!) and I also went scuba diving in Cozumel.”

IMG_1522 IMG_1523

“I am sending this Race T Shirt as a small but truly heartfelt token of gratitude to you –
Thank you, Thank you

Best Wishes Always, Anna-Marie Person

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