Sports Medicine Starts At Home For John R. McCloskey, MD

Cecilia Dougherty McCloskey

Cecilia Dougherty McCloskey


Dr. McCloskey has firsthand experience working with athletes. His wife Cecilia is a master swimmer recently setting NATIONAL AND WORLD RECORD WINS at the U.S. Masters Swimming 2015 Summer National Championship. Cecilia was NATIONAL CHAMPION in 4 Individual events and set WORLD RECORDS in the 50, 100, and 200 Backstroke events. Her 2nd Place finish in the 200IM was also under the World Record. And she also swam on a National Champion Women’s 200 Free Relay.

Swimming and fitness have always been part of Cecilia’s life. She started swimming at a very young age and has been competing on a national level since the age of fourteen. Cecilia’s talents allowed her to excel as a NCAA Division 1 swimmer and the captain of her team at West Chester State University winning the championship her senior year. She was also a competitor in the 1967 Pan Am Games and a 1968 Olympic Trials finalist.

Cecilia spent many years as a teacher and high school swimming coach. The last year and a half she has been training for US Masters Swimming competitions at the Ocean City Aquatic Center. She also enjoys running on the boardwalk and working out at the JCC in Margate where she takes boxing and weight training lessons.

Throughout her swimming career Cecilia has remained injury free and attributes that to preventive measures taken while following the advice of her husband. She says working with him and listening to his advice, paying attention to mechanics and being alert of what you can do while being consistent are the key.

Working with an athlete such as Cecilia, as well as their children, who both inherited their mother’s gift of swimming at the national level has given Dr. McCloskey insight few others have. In his practice he treats many sport injuries, his exposure to this level of athlete and the training involved gives him the ability to recognize certain things in his patients.

Dr. McCloskey explains, “Treating athletes at all levels is a rewarding and challenging aspect of orthopedic medicine. You must remain fully aware of the athlete’s goals and expectations. You must appreciate their physical demands and help them realize their goals. To do this the doctor must be knowledgeable and conversant regarding the various athletic events in question. Over my years in Sports Medicine I have continued to enjoy the pleasure of helping the ATHLETE compete and achieve.”

TAKEAWAY: Sports medicine overall is used to improve health and maintain good health as well as fitness. It can also help strengthen sports performance and reduce injuries. 

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2 thoughts on “Sports Medicine Starts At Home For John R. McCloskey, MD

  1. Dr.Zabinski gave me a new knee in February and I just returned from a 3week vacation in Europe where we walked 92 miles altogether. I had no problems at all and many of the steps were on cobblestones and we walked up &down many steps. I could never had done this without the new knee. Dr. Zayin ski is the best.

    • Hi Gerry,
      Thanks for commenting!
      If you would like to share more of your experience on our “Patient Stories” section of this blog, please call 609-927-1991 ext. 171 for our Marketing Department.

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