Total Left Knee Replacement Surgery at Shore Medical Center

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Dear Shore,
After 25 years working on my feet at a local supermarket and meniscus surgery on both knees, normal wear and tear had made getting around increasingly difficult. I had received cortisone shots to relieve the pain in my left knee, but began having such a hard time going up and down stairs that I knew that something had to be done.

In consultation with Dr. Zabinski, I scheduled my total left knee replacement surgery at Shore Medical Center. It was my first time at Shore, and from start to finish I had a wonderful experience. I began by attending one of Shore’s joint replacement education classes, and am glad I did. I learned valuable information that I was able to use, not only while I was at the medical center, but also when I’d returned home after surgery. My visit for pre-admission testing was very quick and easy, and my surgery and recovery could not have gone more smoothly. After my surgery, I was up and moving around the same day. Everyone was pleasant and attentive. I went home the next day, and the whole experience was much easier than I had anticipated.

Thanks to the minimally invasive procedure Dr. Zabinski performed, I was able to resume activity quickly. I participate in water aerobics classes at the gym and enjoy being able to stay active without any pain. When I need to take care of my right knee, I won’t hesitate to go back to Shore to have it done.

Thanks to everyone that made my knee replacement experience so free of anxiety.


Ellen Jones



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