I’m always happy to share my story! Thank you Dr. Zabinski!


Joe Leo

Joe just returned from vacation in Florida, he is so happy he was able to swim and walk on the beach again.

  • Joe Leo, Toms River, NJ 08753
  • Quad Sparing Total Knee Replacement – Right Knee
  • Physician: Stephen J. Zabinski, MD
  • Date of Procedure: February 25, 2014

Joe had been putting off knee replacement surgery for about a year.  The extensive rehab time and the daunting thought of being out of work for several months had him apprehensive about the surgery. Joe lives in the Toms River area and had seen several Orthopedic Physicians, they all told him the same thing. The average recovery time he heard was three to five days in the hospital, then around twenty days in a rehab facility, and out of work on disability for about three months.

After much research, he found Dr. Zabinski and the procedure he does called Quadriceps Sparing Total Knee Replacement. Simply put, the quadriceps muscle does not get cut, which cuts your rehab time drastically. Joe scheduled an appointment and immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Zabinski.  He liked how he really took the time to explain what to expect with the procedure. Joe also had a pre-evaluation with Shore Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, his PT Theresa Mendoza gave him exercises to do prior to prepare and also explained what to expect.

Joe’s surgery was on Tuesday, he went home on Wednesday with a walker, and about 48 hours later was walking with a cane. Joe went to outpatient Physical Therapy in the Toms River area for about four weeks. They were amazed at his recovery, as compared to the patients they usually see with the traditional knee replacement.

Joe was able to return to work in a little less than three weeks instead of three months. He commented that, everything went exactly the way Dr. Zabinski said it would.

Joe said, “You can’t image how many people are questioning me about the procedure I had done.” He is always happy to share his story and looks forward to more trips to Florida for additional fun in the sun!

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