It is cold, sometimes wet and the daylight hours are filled with work and family activities…but there is no need for your outdoor fitness routine to go into hibernation!  Staying active can help beat the winter doldrums, keep you in shape and ready for spring.  Here are some guidelines for staying safe while exercising in the cold…

Find a buddy
Recruit a friend to exercise with you. Knowing that someone is waiting for you will help motivate you! Not to mention safety.

Gregory has become a trusted authority on hip replacement among family and friends!


Gregory Gregory, Somers Point, NJ
Hip Replacement
Physician: Stephen J. Zabinski, MD

Gregory’s Story: Update
Gregory has become a trusted authority on hip replacement among family and friends. He has few limitations and continues to enjoy “Stand Up” fishing, recently catching a 168 lb. tuna, hiking, deer hunting that involves climbing trees and spending lots of time with his three very active grandchildren, all under 10 years old.

Gregory’s first experience with Shore Orthopaedic University Associates was about six years ago when his nephew who played football for Mainland Regional High School went in for a hip flexor and he thought maybe that’s what he had. So he scheduled an appointment for himself, Dr. Zabinski took one look at Gregory’s X-ray and told him he needed a complete hip replacement. The doctor went on to show Gregory what a good and bad hip looked like. It was recommended to have the procedure done as soon as possible. Continue reading

Businesses are making Somers Point their new address


The Current
Tuesday, February 04, 2014

SOMERS POINT—The city that has adopted the slogan “The shore starts here” is able to claim that business starts here as well. In 2013 Somers Point saw some new retailers pick their city as a good locale to open their doors and with the recent announcement that PetSmart will soon have an address in town, 2014 is looking business friendly as well.

The city lost the original Wawa on New Road at Rhode Island Ave. but 2013 brought a new Super Wawa to MacArthur Blvd. With 4,600 square feet of retail space to go along with a full-service gas station is dwarfs the older store. A team of 60 employees mans the 24 hour store and gas station. The employees from the now shuttered Wawa were all offered positions in other Wawa locations leaving Somers Point netting 60 new positions with the addition of the convenience store.

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