This Little Piggy Has A Bunion

Ira M. Fox, M.D.

Bunions are those big ugly bumps on the inside of your foot. Sometimes bunions are accompanied by big toes that turn outward toward the small toe.

Most people believe bunions are the result of ill-fitting shoes, but in fact they are hereditary. If you have bunions, look at the feet of your mother, father or grandparents; it is highly likely one of them also has bunions.

The discomfort of bunions can be worsened by shoes, but shoes cannot cause bunions. Treatment consists of accommodation – a change in footwear to fit the bunion – or surgical correction. Accommodation includes wearing more sensible shoes with a more rectangular toe box, or front of the shoe. For those unconcerned with style, orthopedic shoes are available with a toe box specially made for bunions. Padding of the bump also works.  Continue reading

Dr. Zabinski came highly recommended by my friends and neighbors!

Marie DiMeo, EHT, NJ
Quadriceps-Sparing Knee Replacement
Physician: Stephen J. Zabinski, MD

Marie enjoys Roller Skating and Skiing, this video of Marie Roller Skating was taken three months after her knee replacement.

If I had known how good this would feel, I would have done it sooner.

Marie DiMeo

Marie DiMeo

Three years ago, Marie’s knees started to prevent her from doing some of the things she had always enjoyed, roller skating and skiing with her family were no longer possible. Her situation started as discomfort then became debilitating. She knew she needed to do something, but mentally was not ready to accept it.

Many of her friends and neighbors had knee or hip replacements with Dr. Zabinski and were very happy with the results. She decided to get a consultation and see what he had to say.

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